Have you ever wondered why our patients have chosen Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hester as their choice of dentists in Lithonia, Georgia? Then we invite you to read our testimonials, which highlight the experiences of many of our patients. To schedule your visit with at our dental office, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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“It was a great experience and I was treated with the best care. It felt like I was part of the family because everyone treated me so nice. The best care I’ve had in a while. I’m definitely going back. Thank you Stewart Dentistry.”

-Marcus Seaton

“The staff is very friendly, the office environment is very high tech and clean. The service was beyond great!”

-Rita Lucous

“Outstanding care and professionalism by staff; complete team work.”

-James Keynes Sr.

“Excellent Service & Customer Care”

-Shawn Lindsay

“Colleen is the greatest hygienist ever!”

-Pamela Dawson

“Dr. Vonda Hester is the best!”

-Joann Ellis

“Excellent staff! Very friendly and professional.”

-Randall Slaughter

“Always Great Service”

-Sonya Hanna

“Awesome service, each and every time!”

-Johnice McRae

“Service is ALWAYS Excellent!”

-Sheila Lenoir

“Highly recommend this practice!”

-Deborah Davis

“Excellent service! Friendly staff!”

-Lucy Wright

“My mouth and I are “HAPPY”!!!! We found Stewart Family Dentistry”

-Verrona Gibson

“Great. I love going to Stewart”

-Deborah Fortson

“Great staff, very accomodating…”

-Carolyn Miller

“Service was timely, informative…”

-William Glenn

Cleaning and tooth pain

"I do not like going to the dentist at all. I have a wonderul understanding with my dentist though. I come and acti like a big baby and she provides wonderfully care. I got dental insurance recently and unfortunately the practice is out of network, but I will continue to go to the practice. Also I have been going to the practice for years as self pay."

–Joyce Lewis

Your are very Welcome

"Tuesday June 21st was my first visit at Stewart Family Dentisry and it was very pleasant. The Dentist Office was convenient, accessible and beautiful. The Staff was very professional and Dr Stewart was very knowledgable and the dental recommendations were on point. Good job!! Thanks again...."

– Sandra Cloud


"She was well informed and offered several options and advise for me to consider. Both hygenists always make me feel special!"

–Raynard Toomer

Awesome service, each and every time!

"Clean, professional, competent and courteous from sign-in to sign-out. They even call you to check to see if you're feeling okay from your procedure. Stewart Family Dentistry is awesome! Their motto of service beyond a smile, truly IS a promise!"

Johnice McRae

Second Visit

"You guys are very professional as well as welcoming.The atmosphere mixed with the personnel is excellent."

–Paul Young


"My experiance was wonderful as usual. I recommend all of my friends and associates. Keep up the good work."

–Samuel Barber

Excellent Service

"I've been a customer of Stewart Family Denistry for over 30 years and I have experienced excellent service with every visit. They are the best!!"

–Melanie Ivey

What I think of the total service provided

"The people are very friendly and willing to offer you alternate payment options, this is good with things being the way they are. This practice is family oriented,I have known them for years."

–John Griffey

Thank God for timely, efficient dental service with a smile.

"The prompt reception by the hygienist and the verbal acknowledgment of my timely arrival was quite respectful of my person time. The reading material in the reception area was neatly arranged and current. The dental service was professional and efficient. The follow-up and review of the work done by the doctor was a nice touch. The statements of good-by from the staff was appreciated."

–Al Pride


"I completely enjoyed my experience during my appointment! I will not only return to your practice and make thisy primary dentist but I will refer my friends and family to you as well!! You all are doing a wonderful job, thank you!!"

–Rachel Serrano

Regular Dental Services

"My dental visits to Stewart Family Dentistry have always been excellent with your professional staff from the time I arrive with the receptionist. My hygienist, Ms. Colleen, is the reason I continued my dental services here. She is best at what she does and makes me feel like a part of the family. Dr. Hester always makes my examinations as pleasurable as possible with her professionalism, even if my dental news is not good."

–Johnny Dawsey

Outstanding Service

"I was seen on time and the service was excellent! Everything was explained to my understanding. The office is nice, clean, and inviting! I would recommend this office to anyone!!!!!! Payment options were also discussed!"

–Jesse Jenkins

Cleaning Experience

"Ms. Colleen was thorough as she always is. Service beyond the smile: she was and is always kind, and welcoming, always asking, "How's your son?" She makes me feel at home... I can't leave the office without hugging everyone there. Great team!"

–Jamilah Munir


"Every single person at Stewart Family Dentistry is excellent at their job. The atmosphere is friendly. Before I started coming to Stewart Family Dentistry, I was terrified of the dentist. As a result, my teeth were in bad shape. With their assistance, I am fine going to Stewart Family Dentistry, and my teeth are in very good shape."

–Kate Lillis

Stewart Family Dentistry is the Best!

"The staff at Stewart Family Dentistry are wonderful, caring and compassionate people, and my dental experience has been made very pleasant by the professionalism of the staff. Colleen is the best hygeniest ever and I would travel 100 miles, if necessary, for her services. I pray that God will continue to bless Stewart Family Dentistry with continued success and growth."

–Pamela Dawson

Great customer service.

"My teeth are feeling clean and healthy. My Hygenist is the best. I have been receiving service from Stewart Family Dentistry for over 30 years. Today's experience was exceptional, just as all of the other visits have been. Very professional and knowledgeble."

–Elizabeth Bland

Excellent Service

"I have been a patient at Stewart Family Denistry for over 15 years and have always had excellent service! Was forced at one point to change for one year due to insurance and could not wait for insurance to change so I could go back to Dr. Stewart."

–Lucy Wright


"I had a great expericence. everyone was pleasent, proffesional and courteous. I will come again and I will refer friends and family."

–Ingrid Walters


"I love my hygenist Collette!!! She keeps me on the straight and narrow and helps me keep my beautiful smile. I now know to cut back on the coffee and tea drinks to keep my smile bright. They monitored my health and referred me to my dr for a check up...thank God all was well, but I appreciated them alerting me to the fact that bleeding gums might be a sign of something more serious. The front desk staff is also very nice!!! Great office---no need to fear the dentists with dentists like Stewart Dentistry."

–Victoria Ducket

My appt visit

"always a wonderful experience for me when I visit my Dentist. The staff is always pleasant and friendly. They make me feel right at home. Had a good laugh yesterday while getting my teeth clean. My wait was longer than usual, that's because I am spoil and always seen no more than ten minutes after my appt time. But it all worked out okay when Colleen came out to tell me she was assiting another client and she had not forgotten me. All went well and I have a happy smile!!! See you all the next time. Ingrid Cameron"

–Ingrid Cameron

Wonderful Experiences!

"No matter what type of service I receive, Dr. Stewart and his staff are supportive, professional, companionate, caring, and comforting. They are totally focused on the health of my teeth and gums and my well-being!!!"

–Annette Mosley

Periodic Exam

"Good visit. Learned that the pain in my face and jaw is due to an infection at the root. Scheduled for first root canal session 16 Nov. The staff continues to be professional, accomodating and pleasant. I don't think anyones enjoys a dental appointment, but the staff makes it easier to get it accmplished."

–LaVerne Kennebre

Great staff, very accomodating...

"Great staff, very accomodating and thorough. Excellent service with attention to customer concerns. I love the yearly calendar gift and sample bag!"

–Carolyn Miller

Always a great experience. Very...

"Always a great experience. Very professional and appreciative of Dr. Stewart's "bedside" manner. Thanks."

–Cheryl Washington