See Your Dentist About Getting a Dental Veneer Today!

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When protecting your teeth against decay and infections, you don’t typically think of veneers as being an option to protecting your teeth when they are more of a cosmetic treatment. The truth is they provide structure and protection against harmful agents as well! They also, of course, fix small flaws in your tooth. Here at Stewart Family Dentistry, we strive to provide the care you need to not only protect your teeth, but the smile you’ve always wanted.

This form of cosmetic treatment can give you the look you want for years to come. The first step you need to take is speaking to your dentist about the specifications you desire and they will work with these as well as what works best for your oral health. This will include determining the color and shape needed.

While you’re waiting for your veneer, a temporary one may be placed until it is made. When the final product is finished, you can have it applied to your natural tooth. First, your dentist will scrape off some of your tooth enamel to create a bonding surface. Then after cleaning and drying the tooth, they will add a dental adhesive to attach the dental veneer. After placing the veneer, a special ultraviolet light will cure the tooth for about a minute.

Trimming of any excess material and a polish will be the final steps for your new veneer! Then you will need to see Dr. Ron Stewart and our dental professionals for a follow-up to ensure the veneer is in place and that it’s comfortable. Call our office in Lithonia, Georgia, at 770-872-0662 today!