Refresh Your Smile This Summer with a Dental Cleaning

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At Stewart Family Dentistry, the dental practice of Dr. Ron Stewart and Dr. Vonda Hester, we are delighted to offer dental cleanings and exams in Lithonia, Georgia, and the surrounding areas to make sure you and your family’s smiles are their healthiest.

What can you expect at our dental checkup? We advise our patients to come in for cleanings and exams every six months, unless you are at higher risk, such as those who have periodontal disease. During a cleaning and exam, our team will perform a professional cleaning, an exam, and possibly X-rays. We may also review your health history, past dental problems, any allergies you may have, the medications you are currently using, drug reactions you may have had, recent illnesses, and any chronic disease you may have. During your cleaning we will remove tartar above and below the gum line, as well as polish your teeth and floss them.

Dental Exam Checklist:

— Check for signs of tooth decay

— Check your gum health

— Check your bite

— Check for signs of tooth grinding or TMJ

— Check for infection or oral cancer

Dr. Ron Stewart and Dr. Vonda Hester and our team consider dental cleanings and exams an essential foundation to excellent oral health, as we complement your daily, at-home oral care. We make sure your teeth and gums get the treatment they deserve to keep you smiling with confidence. To schedule a dental cleaning and exam for a fresher smile this summer, please give us a call at 770-872-0662 today!