Pregnancy: Why Your Teeth Matter

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for any parent! And it isn’t any surprise that you want to provide the best care for you and your baby. But did you know that most women aren’t aware that the health of their teeth plays a significant part in the health of their baby and themselves?

That’s why our team is going to give you some basic, yet essential ways you can care for your mouth through pregnancy.

It’s important to schedule regular cleaning appointments with your dentist. These professional cleanings are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Typically you should have a cleaning before you become pregnant, during your second trimester, and six months after the baby is born.

Which, did you know that your baby will begin growing their first teeth right around 6 months? And once that first tooth erupts, it’s a good idea to take your baby in for a dental visit.

Make sure when you visit your dentist for the first time as a pregnant woman that you disclosure any medications or vitamins you are taking.

And for mothers, who are experiencing morning sickness, consider rinsing your mouth out immediately after vomiting. If you think your toothpaste is causing your nausea, consider switching toothpaste brands or flavor.

Don’t slack off on your daily flossing or brushing twice a day. Gums often become swollen during pregnancy, and improper care can lead to gingivitis or gum disease. Pay special attention to your front and back teeth, brush along the gumline with a fluoride toothpaste to prevent disease or decay.

Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacking can help your teeth stay strong and healthy. This will help promote healthy gums for your growing baby.

If you and your spouse are pregnant or are thinking about starting a family, please give our office a call at 770-872-0662 today to schedule a cleaning appointment!