Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Strong by Eating Right

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There’s more to keeping your mouth healthy and strong than by flossing or brushing twice a day. Eating the right foods can help protect and keep your teeth in tip-top shape for the future. We are going to give you some food tips you can incorporate into your diet to ensure healthy teeth for years to come.

When you think about eating the right foods to keep your teeth strong, you’re probably thinking about having to get rid of all the foods you absolutely love. Typically these foods that don’t play well with your teeth are perfectly harmless, in moderation. Too much of one thing can become a problem.

There are certain foods that you can begin adding to your diet to help in your quest to a healthy mouth. Fruits and vegetables that are firm and crunchy like apples, pears and carrots are great choices to incorporate in your diet.

Dairy is a great way to incorporate calcium into your diet, benefiting tooth health. These products may include cheese, plain yogurt, milk, almonds and leafy greens. Protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish and eggs are rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus and calcium play a critical role in protecting and rebuilding tooth enamel.

You should try and avoid foods like hard or sticky candies, sweets and chips. These foods generally considered empty calorie foods. Acidic foods also may damage tooth enamel, so if you enjoy the occasional lemonade or orange, be sure to brush and floss afterwards.

Your diet is important for a healthy body and mind. The next time you’re at the grocery store, consider foods that will also be beneficial for your teeth. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cleaning appointment with our dentist, give us a call at 770-872-0662!