At Stewart Family Dentistry, we understand how utilizing the latest dental equipment can make all the difference with your dental care. This is why we are proud to offer laser dentistry in Lithonia, Georgia, as part of our commitment to our patients. Laser dentistry is the use of advanced dental lasers to perform and aid in a number of dental treatments. Dr. Ron Stewart and Dr. Vonda Hester, our skilled dentists, may suggest laser dentistry to:

  • Detect and remove tooth decay and damage
  • Treat periodontal disease
  • Whiten your smile
  • Remove diseased oral tissue
  • Treat highly sensitive teeth

Using lasers allows us to provide more efficient, pain-free dental treatments with minimal side effects. Lasers target only the treatment area, minimizing any potential injury to surrounding tissues in your mouth and giving you a reduced recovery time following treatment. They are also more hygienic, reducing your risk of infection or other problems after your procedure. Our dental team is trained to offer laser dentistry with great skill and precision. We seek to combine our use of lasers with the personalized attention and time you deserve. Our goal is give you a reason to smile each time you visit our dental office.

For more information about how laser dentistry can benefit your smile, please call us at 770-872-0662 or visit a member of our friendly dental team today. We are excited to help improve your overall oral health by using the latest dental technology.