Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Strong by Eating Right

There’s more to keeping your mouth healthy and strong than by flossing or brushing twice a day. Eating the right foods can help protect and keep your teeth in tip-top shape for the future. We are going to give you some food tips you can incorporate into your diet to ensure healthy teeth for years… Read more »

The ABC’s Of Dental Health

Keeping good oral hygiene practices is very important for dental health. Our mouths are full of bacteria which, if it collects, can form a film on the teeth called plaque. Plaque bacteria breaks down the sugars in foods and creates acids that attack tooth enamel. Overtime, this can cause problems to develop such as tooth… Read more »

Getting Into Shape: The Reasons Behind the Different Shapes of Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered why your canines are so pointy? Or why your incisors are so thin? And why are molars big and bulky? Behind every tooth shape is a purpose, and here they are. Sharp and Thin The incisors (the teeth at the front of you mouth) have a sharp, thin biting surface. The… Read more »